Welcome Mama! The Invitation is yours to accept…

Are you and your family feeling the shift and asking, “What’s the next step?”

I am so excited you are here, we’ve been waiting for you! Take a deep breath and relax. This space was made with you in mind. Let’s connect and discover your next step together.


We help magical mama’s connect & cultivate a clear spiritual intention that will elevate them through all aspects of their well lived life. Our retreats, workshops, moon gatherings and other events are created to assist you in your spiritual expansion.


We may be Elders in this arena but we are forever life-long learners. Check out our Holy Calypso moments and pre-trend recommendations on our blog. From books to Bikram Yoga… we share a list of what we’re doing to expand our wellness journey.

Our Services

Ready to dive into one on one coaching from the comfort of your own home? In need of a guided meditation or remote healing? Let’s discover what will help you release and renew at your desired pace.

Kimberly is a positive, creative and intuitive force for good in the lives of many people (including me) and in the community she serves. She puts her hard working energy into action and goes beyond thoughtfulness toward healing and constructive solutions for those she serves.

Gena Noel


Kimberly Crawford & Co. is a spiritual consultancy start up in the East Bay Area that specializes in the personal growth and wellness of mothers and their children.

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Welcome to the Bright Side. Are you ready to shine? Let’s connect and make magic.

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