“I help people build a relationship with Source through energetic realignment, mindfulness and practicing the power of choice. Healing is a result of that realignment.”
—Kimberly Crawford

The "I AM" affirmation mirror is  an effective tool I created to quickly shift my clients into a positive mindset.
The “I AM” affirmation mirror is an effective tool I created to quickly shift my clients into a positive mindset.

Kimberly Crawford has always been captivated by a yearning to help people connect; to that authentic part of themselves, to each other and to the greater bond that links us all. So she created Kimberly Crawford & Co., a spiritual consultancy that facilitates sacred, mindful moments that improve the way women and their children connect to themselves, and the world around them.

She specializes in empowering magical mama’s in the midst of motherhood, highly intuitive adolescents, and change-makers who are ready to take back their personal power, gain confidence in their choices and create a “Spirit-led” life of clarity, ease and joy.

Coaching them through releasing fear and “retuning” themselves back into alignment with Source; her clients experience tremendous personal growth, a deep sense of worthiness and self-trust.

Kimberly Crawford is a clairvoyant and channel of generational lineage. She uses these tools to elevate her intention as a spiritual life coach, mindfulness teacher, acutonics and reiki practitioner. She is also a published poet, journalist and speaker as well as a co-creator of Golden Oak Montessori Charter of Hayward. A free public Montessori Charter School in the Bay Area; soon to be one of the first K-12 free public Montessori charter school in the nation to be accredited by the AMS and WASC. She has been involved in the field of child care and development for decades.

Prior to her holistic career, Kimberly was a marketing consultant and held the title of Associate Director of Marketing and Research at KGO-TV which was the 5th largest television market in the US at the time.

Kimberly is the recipient of the California Accommodation Award for her service with the military’s Family Readiness Program for California’s National Guard and is a wife and mother of a wildly spirited family. Becoming a mother has deepened her passion and commitment to guide children in living a life of awareness, abundance and connection.

As a child, she was raised in a spiritually nurturing household. Surrounded by relatives with various psychic abilities, her capacity to see, hear​ and intuit from different planes felt ordinary. Seeing her talents as nothing unusual, Kimberly intimately knew of a world created by what she calls GodSource. Seeing, knowing and feeling a deep connection to that Source, she developed a profound sense of intuition and the natural ability to channel, which she believes everyone has the ability to develop.

Kimberly has been actively nurturing, training and serving through her abilities for over 30 years. She is dedicated to living her best life in every moment and passionate about her role in helping humanity, one soul at a time.

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