Your Wellness Intention

Knowing your deepest intention can be your guiding force in the creation of a better life.

Oprah Winfrey
Kimberly Crawford has empowered adults and adolescents through various wellness techniques for years. Are you ready to start your journey?

A wellness journey that will create a life you are eager to experience, begins here.

Before we begin, let’s discover your intention…


You are a Creator. A Mother. A Change-maker. A Visionary. A Disruptor. A Leader within your tribe and you feel the call to enhance your Superpowers. You can feel the veil lifting off this world and it excites you.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and your quest for personal growth will expand the the collective consciousness.You know there is a next step and the call back to Source is the way. What next?

If you are ready to evolve your practice into a lifestyle, we will work together cultivating awareness, accountability, action and alignment through online coaching. My blend of clairvoyant consulting, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation exercises will assist you in developing a stronger sense of clarity, focus and self trust. Ready for the next step? Let’s connect!


Your curious and open… Maybe even a bit confused 😉 You feel like there was a guidebook someone forgot to put in your backpack before you got here to Earthschool. People have called you sensitive, intuitive, even intense!

You may be an adolescent (or have one) that “knows, feels or sees” things. Often feeling overwhelmed in large crowds and around emotional people, your feelings are confusing to decipher. You wonder, “Is this normal? I am I the only one?….”

What if I told you there is a world where we could control how we feel, full of choices that are ours to make and this world has been lovingly, waiting for you to step forward to meet it? There are tools and techniques that can empower you and offer new ways, to not only cope with the stresses of life, but help you build an existance full of possibilities, purpose, and gratitude. Follow your curiosity and connect with me.


Trained in various levels of Acutonics and Reiki, Kimberly uses both sound and universal life force energy to activate healing. Sessions are held onsite at her office located in the hills of Castro Valley. Helping both adults and children access their healing capabilities, Kimberly can work in person and remotely. Her office offers a safe, tranquil space to release stress and overwhelm and activate the vibration of wellness. Anxiety? Overwhelm? Stress? Inflammation? Depression? ADHD? Connect with Kimberly to see if her methods are a fit for you.

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